GrindingAt Warehouse Plastics we grind over 10 million pounds of materials, each year. Experienced, and with the capacity to handle any size job, we work with everyone from one man molding shops to Fortune 500 companies.

When it comes to our grinding services we offer two options:

Toll Grinding

For a fee, a client/company gives us their scrap parts and runners. After processing, we will send the regrind back to the client so the product can be reused. All materials are ground and placed in a plastic-lined gaylord. Let us help you create a closed loop recycling program with your company. If you don’t want all your regrind back at once? No problem. We will store your product at our warehouse and release it when you need it.

Sell & Removal

With this option, the client/company sells us their materials and along with our transportation arm, will pick up materials and remove, recycle, and ship the materials for reuse elsewhere.

Avoid the cost of investing in expensive equipment and personnel, increase your warehouse space, and eliminate noise and dust from in-house processing by partnering with Warehouse Plastics.

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